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As it was already stated in the tumblr post, this is the result of the Frostiron Bang survey. You can see that the Mini/Big Bang idea prevailed, but fear not, we will probably host the Reverse Bang somewhere in the autumn. 80 people voted in this survey  but that doesn't meant as many people would in fact participate  We would love to get at least half of those people. Also, the number of authors is larger than the number of artists, but don't let that worry you. All stories will get an artist, rest assured.

The idea of the Mini/Big Bang is that as you apply for one or the other, it doesn't mean you have to exclusively stay with your decision in case your story grows bigger or you find yourselves with issues and have to drop to the minimum.

This entire event will be hosted on tumblr and the blog for it will be up and running by Wednesday. I do apologise for the delay, but I have fallen ill to the flu and can't really function at the moment so patience please. Basically, you only need some archive for your story (AO3, ffnet, LJ etc) for posting at the blog. The same goes for the art which means you don't have to be a member anywhere, but at tumblr.

All of this will start in June. not sure about the date yet, but probably at the early start of the month with applying for the authors. This information will be available on that blog this week.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to ask here (comments allowed for non members as well under anon reply) or simply drop it in my ask.

What kind of a bang you would like to participate in?
Mini/Big Bang - keep in mind that you can do one and change your opinion before sending in the last draft for your artist 51 64%
Reverse Bang 15 19%
Just Mini 10 13%
Just Big 4 5%

What word count do you think you could accomplish?
>5000 - Mini Bang 22 28%
>10,000 - Mini Bang 19 24%
>15,000 - Big Bang 11 14%
>25,000 - Big Bang 3 4%
where the plot leads me 23 29%
What kind of art would you like to do?
Drawing (all forms of technique) 31 57%
Manips (all forms of technique) 5 9%
Fanvideo 0 0%
Fanmix 6 11%
All the above 7 13%
Other 5 9%
When do you think this bang should happen?
June 44 55%
July 23 29%
August 10 13%
September 3 4%
With what would you participate?
Artist 14 18%
Author 46 57%
Artist & Author 20 25%

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